Builder Warranty Inspection

A Builder Warranty Inspections (also known as 11 month warranty inspection) are critical because it gives you the home buyer an opportunity to get things fixed found by your home inspector by your builder before your build warranty expires.

Western Grand specializes in Builder Warranty Inspections and will perform a full home inspection before your builder’s warranty expires at a reasonable rate.

Using our advanced home inspection methods which are based on our visible observations, thermal imaging, and superior technology can find defects in the interior and exterior of the structure, including its major systems and components.

Shortly after your builder warranty inspection, you will receive a detailed report that includes photos, videos and information on any defects or problems our expert home inspectors have found.

Once you have your detailed home inspection report, you can then take the necessary steps to hold your builder and his subcontractors to their warranties while they’re still active.

Once you are educated by your  home inspection report, you stand a better opportunity of getting your home builder to fix or repair items that need to be corrected, which is why getting an Builder Warranty Inspection is so important.

What will we inspect during your builder warranty inspection?
It involves taking a look at everything from the ground up. Our home inspector will investigate all major components of your home’s interior and exterior, including:

Roof Coverings
Attics & Structure
Exteriors & Structure
Crawlspace & Structure
Interior Rooms
Kitchens & Appliances
Laundry Area
Bathrooms and Components
Plumbing System
Water Heaters
Electrical Systems
Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
Pool & Equipment

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