Commercial Inspections


We have inspected commercial buildings all over the state of Oklahoma including Oklahoma City, Tulsa and other surrounding  areas. We have inspected Strip Malls, Apartment Complexes, Condos, Restaurants, Hotels, Warehouses, Churches, Retail Stores, Industrial type building and much more.

Did you know that in almost all cases the buyer of a commercial building saves much more money by getting the items found by our inspectors repaired before purchasing the building versus the cost of the commercial inspection fee? At very least our findings combined with our detailed commercial inspection report gives the buyer leverage to negotiate the price with the seller of a commercial building. Whether is be strong negotiation leverage based on the true transparent condition of the commercial property or getting necessary items repaired, the fact is our customers save money by choosing us to perform their commercial inspections. Those saving have been 10 times the cost of our inspection fees for commercial buildings. Simply put our commercial inspections save our clients money!

What is a commercial building inspection?

In short a commercial building  inspection is a complete written assessment of the structure and all of the visible deficiencies . During the commercial inspection we will visually check all of the structural components and extensively test all of the major mechanical equipment in the commercial inspection. We also used advanced technology and will bring over 15,000 dollars worth of equipment to the inspection, including thermal imaging and drone roof inspections free of charge to insure we are as thorough as possible.

During the commercial inspection we will inspect the following:

Roof Coverings
Attics & Structure
Exteriors & Structure
Crawlspace & Structure
Parking & Structure
Interior Rooms
Kitchens & Appliances
Bathrooms and Components
Plumbing System
Water Heaters
Electrical Systems
Heating & Air Conditioning Systems


How long does a commercial building inspection take?

Due to the large array of styles, designs, sizes, and complexities of a commercial building it is difficult to say exactly for without knowing specifics about each commercial building in question. Many times we can get the inspection done in a day, but on larger commercial buildings it could take several days. We also can inspect the building at night if needed or if it is occupied during the day as not to interrupt day to day business operations. For specific questions on timelines please give us a call at 405-456-9404.

How much does a commercial building inspection cost?

Similar to above it depends of the specific building characteristics, we can confidently say our services cost drastically less than most of our competitors and we unquestionably give the most value relative to the costs. We will also not only match but beat any other commercial inspection company’s written quote by 5%.

How do I schedule a commercial building inspection?

When you are ready to schedule your commercial inspection please give us a call at 405-456-9404, you can also email us at help@WesternGrand,com or use our convenient online chat system that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





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