Is Your Toilet Leaking Money?

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Water can be more expensive than you might think, it is not as expensive as gasoline (at least not yet) but it still is not cheap. Even very small leaks can lead to an enormous wastage of water, which can add up to a considerable amount on your monthly water bill. One of the most common things we find during our home inspections is a continuously running toilet. Based on our findings a toilet that is constantly running can waste as much as a gallon every minute. If you do the math that is about 43,200 gallons wasted every month for each toilet and using the chart below from the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Department, your water bill could skyrocket really quickly, $200-250 monthly. Imagine if you had multiple perpetual running toilets? Ouch!

OKC Residential (Inside City) Water and Wastewater Current Rate
Water Base Charge – (5/8″ and 3/4″ meters) – Monthly $16.10
Wastewater Base Charge – (5/8″ and 3/4″ meters) – Monthly $6.03
Water Consumption: Cost per 1,000 gallons
Tier 1: Up to 2,000 gallons $3.00
Tier 2: 2,001 up to 10,000 gallons $3.24
Tier 3: 10,001 up to 30,000 gallons $4.18
Tier 4: Over 30,000 gallons $5.06
Wastewater Consumption: Cost per 1,000 gallons$4.51

Chart From

A worn flapper valve is usually the culprit causing the constant water flow inside your toilet as this is the most common source of toilet leaks. Many times there might not even be an indication of a problem! A flapper valve is the device which controls the flow of water from your cistern when you flush your toilet. In the worst case, this can become stuck open, with water constantly flowing out of your house. Like most things, flapper valves wear down long before they break, and a worn valve will allow water to stealthy leak away without you ever even noticing.

By the time you might see or hear a problem you have most likely already paid a lot of money that you obviously did not need to pay. Fortunately, there is a simple way to check if your flapper valve is leaking, even if only slightly.

Simple solution, place some food coloring in the cistern and wait for ten to fifteen minutes before checking the bowl. If water is leaking through, it will take the coloring with it and you will know you have a problem that needs fixing! We do this often on our home inspections, especially if we suspect a problem with the flapper or hear it constantly running.

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