Pool Inspection and Spa Inspections

At Western Grand we offer pool and spa inspections, we are certified and experienced pool and spa inspectors that you can trust to perform a thorough inspection with a detailed report. While both pool and spas can be relaxing and enjoyable, they can also be very hazardous and lead to serious injury or death if they are not installed correctly, have deferred maintenance, or not up to today’s standards. Did you know that 10 or more people die everyday from accidental drowning? A large percentage of these drownings are pool related due to pools not meeting today’s standards or codes that where put in place to prevent accidents.

There are many systems and parts to a pool or spa. When we inspect them we look to make sure first and foremost during our inspections that they are equipped with all the needed safety features to help prevent pool or spa related accidents.

What do we inspect in our pool or spa inspections?

Electrical systems



Liner and structural integrity

Water integrity, chemicals and PH balance

Filtration systems

Pool barriers and surroundings

Egress and Ingress

Pricing:  All Pool and Spa Inspections are $100 or $75 with a full home inspection.

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